Love Letter

A Love Letter to Samantha

Samantha confessed that her biggest disappointment of her long life was that she never received a love letter. In garbled remorse, she said, “It’s too late.” She was dying from ALS.

I suggested that we write the perfect love letter. She liked the idea. Her hands were too tremulous to write, so I grabbed a pen and a note pad. I thought I’d have to coach her, but I didn’t. Poetic words of love flowed easily off of her crippled tongue. After her sweet dictation, I had her sign the letter best she could. I asked her who it could be addressed to. She lowered her head and quietly slurred, “Nobody.” I told her I knew exactly who it should be addressed to. I put her name at the top of the letter. Her hand immediately went over her heart in recognition that she had written a love letter to herself, perhaps the one she had been waiting for all these years.

Dear Samantha,

I can face anything without fear because I know you love me. You give me courage to be who I am meant to be. Gazing deep into your eyes, my happiest of dreams are turned into reality. I breathe with certainty knowing you care about me. My heart swells with love for you. You are so beautiful and so important to me. I promise you I will never let this feeling die. Your love has transformed me into a better person. I adore you. My heart leaps when I think of you. I have a loving fullness in my soul that spills over onto my face whenever I think of you. I can’t stop smiling. It feels so good to be so deeply in love.

My only desire is to see you happy. Receive this with all of my love.


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