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An Incredible Joy

‘I don’t want to be a burden on my family’ she said in a hoarse whisper.  The tumor in her throat was compromising her speech, breathing and ability to swallow; she had been given about 30 days to live. Yet, she hid her despair and her worst pain when her family was present.

I asked her to tell me about the joy she felt in taking care of her 4 children during those hard economic times of their childhood, sometimes working two jobs to make ends meet. Sacrificing sleep and even personal health so that they would have healthy food to eat and a safe loving place to live. She sparkled, ‘I wouldn’t have traded those years for anything, I love my children so much, they were an incredible joy.’

I offered her the idea of letting her children have the same opportunity to receive incredible joy by allowing them to take care of her. By refusing their care, by not wanting to be a burden, she is returning a beautiful gift unopened.  Because in receiving, we are giving – joy.

My words made sense to her, she spent the last days of her life demonstrating to her adult children how to receive, it was an incredible joy to witness.

  1. Vanessa Houk
    Vanessa HoukFebruary 24,13

    What a beautiful thing that is to witness. It’s that full circle that each of us will take. Thank you for talking about it and for helping to take some of the fear away for folks who need that kindness.

  2. Mary Landberg
    Mary LandbergApril 27,13

    Certainly, tell me more about your blog.

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