Another go at Love and Adventure

At eighty-three, Van was the newest resident and most eligible bachelor in the retirement community. His son Rich said, “He was a gentleman with a sweet disposition and a consistent kind nature.” That news spread fast. All the single ladies made their attempts to get Van’s attention, except for one. Lois didn’t need to bat her eyes; they found each other instantly at a bridge social. They soon wed in style and spent over a decade living life fuller than most half their age. Their stories of world travel and taking risks for fun were impressive. Van was known as someone who would try anything once, from roller blading in Malibu at eighty-four to riding elephants in Thailand at ninety.

Van and Lois lived entire lifetimes before starting their new life together. Could you and I increase our odds of another go at love and adventure in our mid eighties? Yes! Many people reach retirement age and start suffering the consequences of living stressful lives with unhealthy routines. Believe me, I see it daily!

Find ways to be kinder to yourself and others, it’s never too late to start. Investing in yourself now could pay off in big adventure in your future.

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