Laurie and I stood expectantly on opposite sides of the bed where her husband Don was living the last hour of his life. He was dying from metastatic prostate cancer. He had been at the nursing nursing home for the last three weeks. Laurie and Don had been married for “forty-seven glorious years.”

We each placed our hands on Don’s chest as he took his last few peaceful breaths. The moment Don died, Laurie took her hands off her husband’s chest and reached into her purse for her car keys. Without emotion she nonchalantly said, “OK then. Will you call the mortuary for me?” Then she he started for the door.

As her hand reached the doorknob, I seemed to interrupt her as I asked if she were ok. She looked back at me, surprised by my question and said with a matter of fact tone, “Of course I’m OK, nothing is permanent, if we fight that reality, we end up in pain.”

I get the whole idea of non attachment and letting go, but this seemed a little extreme.  Enlightened, cold-hearted, numb? What do you think?

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