Need a Good Role Model for Being a Human?

Mozell’s husband of twenty-one years left her two weeks after she learned her cancer had returned, this time to her bones. He said he couldn’t cope with seeing her die and his only option was to move back to Montana where his brother’s horses needed his attention.

That same month, her sister left her via suicide; she couldn’t cope with her own life. The people in Mozell’s life, who she thought were her real friends, stopped coming by. “People just don’t know what to say to me, they don’t know what to do with their hands.”

The lady from across the street offered to take Ivy, her spunky chocolate lab. This well-intended neighbor told Mozell she needed to conserve her energy because “the dog” needed more attention than she could give. From her dark pit of depression, Mozell said yes. She slowly opened the door for Ivy to leave. She pointed to the street and yelled at Ivy to go. Ivy wouldn’t budge from her side. Ivy knew where she belonged.

I think people should behave more like dogs. These furry friends are loyal no matter what. They are fully present, incredibly affectionate, patient, simple companions with great cuddling abilities. They are beautiful attentive listeners. Dogs have no expectations, are grateful, playful, provide comedic relief, are curious, and always happy to see you.

Need a good role model for being human? Spend time with a dog.

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