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  • May16131

    The Spritzer

    Maybelle was thrilled when saw me photographing a family in the nursing home where she lived. She said with charming confidence that she wanted “a personal photo session.” She took a moment to admire her long delicate 91 year old fingers and without looking up …

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  • MG 1253


    Tom was the ‘lucky kid’ because his dad was the leader of his boy scout troop some 40 years ago. Ralph instilled in Tom his amazing love and wonder for nature. Tom credits his father for his recent completion of the entire Pacific Coast Trail, …

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  • MG 1031 2014

    Lee and Kenny

    Lee said, ‘when I met Kenny he was a red neck cowboy and I turned him into a biker dude.’ Lee at 5’3”, and Kenny at 6’7” rode 365,442 miles over the course of their beautiful relationship and wore out three Harleys in the process. …

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  • LW1059

    Been to Heaven Twice

    Linda died two times already, once from a heart attack and another time from a car accident, clearly she needed to stick around a bit longer as the CPR worked in both cases. She said, ‘shucky darns, three times should be the charm.’ Her COPD …

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  • MG 6340 7424

    The Last Goodbye

    He had been saying goodbye to his father for months as he had been in and out of the hospital in critical condition all year. He had a feeling that this was going to be the last goodbye. I am deeply honored and privileged to …

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  • MG 4937

    Angel Spirit

    ‘I still can see my grandmother canning and her hands around a jar of tomatoes, she taught me all those skills so they are closely associated with her hands and tied together with her “angel” spirit and her perfume of love ~ miss her . …

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