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  • North Star

    The North Star

    I met Marilyn in the foyer of the nursing home where her beloved husband George was dying from lung disease. After introductions, I leaned in with, “Tell me about George.” I expected to hear about his heath but instead, Marilyn beamed, “These last forty-six years …

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  • Love Letter

    A Love Letter to Samantha

    Samantha confessed that her biggest disappointment of her long life was that she never received a love letter. In garbled remorse, she said, “It’s too late.” She was dying from ALS. I suggested that we write the perfect love letter. She liked the idea. Her …

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  • Candy And Ted

    Love Sometimes Waits

    At nineteen, Ted fell in love with the back of Candy’s head, in church. A summer’s worth of Sundays rolled by and he couldn’t find the courage to talk to her, or even make eye contact as the congregation funneled out of Avenue Baptist Church. …

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  • Lucy Henry

    Find True Love by Doing What You Love

    At sixty-eight, Lucy left Bend, Oregon, and opened an antique furniture shop near the ocean in Brookings, Oregon. It had been a year since her husband died. The ocean and antiquing were her passions, not his. She said he was a grumpy guy and didn’t …

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  • Sylvia

    Love at First Sight

    Sylvia’s right hand immediately went over her heart and the other over her mouth. She let out a loud gasp of recognition at the photograph of a handsome young man in uniform she saw hanging over the fireplace at her new girlfriend’s house. At sixteen, …

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  • Suicide Pact

    Suicide Pact

    On their 50th wedding anniversary, Ruth and Charles made a suicide pact. They agreed that if the quality of their lives became intolerable because of disease or disability, they would end their lives, together. Ruth said, “We’ve been high school sweethearts for seventy-two years. We …

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  • Chester


    Chester, an eight-year-old golden retriever, was famous for jumping the fence about once a week to “go shopping” in his neighbor’s garages and yards. He always returned home within an hour or two with a present for his owner Adam. Chester became known as the …

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  • Van3603

    Another go at Love and Adventure

    At eighty-three, Van was the newest resident and most eligible bachelor in the retirement community. His son Rich said, “He was a gentleman with a sweet disposition and a consistent kind nature.” That news spread fast. All the single ladies made their attempts to get …

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  • Tom Beth 3567

    84,855 Kisses

    Tom was a salesman for Kodak calling on a dealer in Pasadena, California; it was late summer of 1940. Tom was told with a wink that there was a cute gal named Beth in the basement darkroom who needed help making enlargements. That same evening, …

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  • Bill Julia

    Bill & Julia

    His older brother came over to pick up her older sister for a date on the beach the summer of 1946. Their parents made them take along the younger siblings. Bill and Julia fell in love that day, not much could separate these two for …

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