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  • Healing

    Healing is Possible While Dying

    Healing is absolutely possible while dying. Priorities often shift to an urgency to resolve issues and take care of unfinished business because time is running out. The reality of impending death can heal relationships, allowing unconditional giving and receiving of love and forgiveness. Many people …

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  • S

    Scars Are Beautiful

    Stage III melanoma didn’t stop this dynamic twenty-three year old athlete. Nothing could stop her from living her dreams of becoming a national champion. Not a huge incision on her chest, a total lymph dissection or the potential for disability that comes with the process. …

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  • Sisters

    Sisters Reunited

    Dottie tenderly pat her sister’s hand and said with accomplishment, “We’ve been sisters for sixty-four years.” Until four years ago, Dottie and Lollie never lived in the same house together. Lollie said with a sense of understanding, “Mother kept churning out kids and the last …

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  • Leo

    Leo the Therapy Dog

    Tom’s face tightened as he tried to fight the quiver that was gaining momentum in his chin and lips. He was trying to appear stronger than he was, for his son. Lung cancer took his fifty-eight year old wife later that day. In the last …

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  • How Are You

    How Are You?

    Anne was one of those rare gentle souls who asked, “How are you?” and genuinely wanted to know how you were really doing. She wanted to know what she could do to help if you weren’t doing well, and she wanted to offer a way …

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  • Connie8049


    “After WWII everyone got the flying bug”, Connie said. Here she is proudly holding a photograph taken of her in 1949 on the day she received her pilots license at the age of nineteen.  Her aircraft was a Luscomb, one of the first aluminum covered …

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  • MG 0672 Hilda

    For Better or Worse

    Hilda stabbed her husband of forty-five years in the back with a butcher knife as he was bending over to pick something up in the garage. Richard’s left lung was pierced and he quickly collapsed. He crawled into the house and head for their bedroom to …

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  • MG 5998 Harpist

    Music Thanatology

    Elizabeth is a music-thanatologist. She delivers an integral form of end of life care that compliments our medicine in beautiful harmony. She plays her soul-stirring harp and passionately sings for the dying and their loved ones. Her live music is individually tailored and prescriptive, meaning that …

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  • MG 3134 John

    Oh John!

    John, my younger brother, died tragically seventy-two hours ago in a most violent way. As a hospice nurse, I’m typically loaded with the right thing to say to sobbing hysterical people. No words are coming to me now, to calm the angry, sad and hysterical …

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  • Donald Photo

    Donald the Magnificent Hospice Volunteer

    It’s common to hear people say, “You only live once!” I disagree. You live everyday, you only die once. Donald is one of our most treasured hospice volunteers. For over two decades he has been helping hospice patients and families live fully while they are …

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