Lucy Henry

Find True Love by Doing What You Love

At sixty-eight, Lucy left Bend, Oregon, and opened an antique furniture shop near the ocean in Brookings, Oregon. It had been a year since her husband died. The ocean and antiquing were her passions, not his. She said he was a grumpy guy and didn’t understand why she would want to live in a foggy town by the ocean, in a damp house, and have “dirty old furniture” everywhere. He liked the dry air in Bend, Lucy didn’t. I asked Lucy why she loved dirty old furniture. “It’s partly about the chase,” she said with a huge grin, “Finding pieces like my mother had in our house as I was growing up was like finding gold. I like being surrounded by antique furniture that reminds me of my sweet childhood.” With both hands over her heart and her eyes closed, she happily sighed, “Moving to Brookings was a dream. The ocean felt like home to me, I was finally home.”

Lucy told me the story of the finest damp foggy day in her Brookings history. It was 5:00 on a late spring afternoon, and two minutes after she put the closed sign up on the window of her shop, she heard a knock on the door. She didn’t know it at the time, but it was a knock on her heart. Lucy reluctantly opened the door because she hadn’t sold anything all day. Standing before her was, “A beautiful man named Henry.”

A year after Henry’s wife died, he sold his construction business in Bend, Oregon and took a road trip to the Oregon Coast. He always wanted to live near the ocean, but his wife hated the salty air. Henry rolled his eyes and said, “She hated a lot of things.” She liked the dry air in Bend, Henry didn’t. The moment he arrived in Brookings, he knew he was home. Within a week of basking in this salty aired town, he found a perfect house to retire in. He set off to buy some one of a kind pieces of furniture. He loved unusual antique things. He said with fervor, “Antiques have character and stories to tell. My wife would never let me buy a used couch!”

Henry came back to Lucy’s shop everyday for a week. He practically furnished his whole house before he gathered the courage to ask her on a date. She said yes before he could finish his proposition of a sunset dinner. Within ten days, he proposed to her on the antique carved French Louis XVI Gold canapé sofa that he bought from Lucy on the day he met her. They have been “marvelously” married for twenty-one years.

When we follow our hearts and pursue our passions, what has been waiting for us can finally show up. What are your heart’s desires? What is holding you back from reaching out for them?

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