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Angel Spirit

‘I still can see my grandmother canning and her hands around a jar of tomatoes, she taught me all those skills so they are closely associated with her hands and tied together with her “angel” spirit and her perfume of love ~ miss her . . .’ Linda Lyons Emory

  1. Barbara Kemp
    Barbara KempNovember 9,12

    My 25th birthday was only 24 days before Dad died….I had made plans to come down to see him for my birthday which just so happened to be the week after my finals from graduate school. Dad had joked that he was going to the city hall to get a permit to close main street for my birthday as he had a parade planned. We both so loved parades. The marching bands and veteran salutes were our favorites! While I thought he was just being his funny self, a part of me believed he was going to do it. I got the call that Dad had passed away on May 4th. No parade and no dad to celebrate with. After his funeral and I returned home, it became apparent that I had missed my final examinations. These tests were what was standing in between me and my Master of Arts Degree, of which he was so proud. Instead of a parade, I did get an extension of two months to complete my testing. I took my finals on July 3rd and attended a parade the very next day, July 4th with my sister, Mary Landberg, in Ashland Oregon. Best parade ever—well maybe it would have been the second best parade. Hey you never know, he could have had a parade permit!

    • Mary Landberg
      Mary LandbergFebruary 7,13

      Bless you dear sister.

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