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Forgotten Comfort

“When my mom was near the end she would call me “mama”, at first I was alarmed and a bit heartbroken…I prayed to know what to do. The next time it happened I held her hand and said, “I’m here pet” (pet is a term of endearment my grandmother used); calmness immediately came over her. From then on I was no longer scared and my mom was more peaceful.” ~Jane

When we were young children, most of us would innately call out for our mother’s if we needed help, love, comfort or if we were bursting at our seams with pride and needed to share our joy. A fair percentage of the dying also call out for their mother’s while in that deep dream state prior to passing.  When this happens, with beautiful effect, I whisper into their ear, “Mommy is here, you are safe, I love you.”

It appears that the unconditional comfort we found in our mother’s as children never fades, for some it just gets buried under daily distraction or ego. For many of us, we have to mother ourselves through difficult times. Perhaps as healthy adults we have a longing for the safety of this forgotten comfort, we just can’t identify it as such.

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