Happy People Ripple Effect

Shirley owned Carousel Hair Fashion in Walnut Creek California during the big hair days of the 1960’s. Shirley couldn’t take walk-ins, as her chair was booked six months in advance. Her voluminous updos and beehives took the meaning of bouffant to new heights. Shirley’s handiwork made a significant difference in the lives she touched with her talent, teasing comb and hairspray. Shirley was an artist and a physicist of sorts. Could the single occurrence of a great hairdo change the emotional course of Walnut Creek? Think about it – a grumpy gal walks into her salon with unruly hair and consequent low self-esteem. She walks out feeling beautiful and confident. Her improved mood is shared with her immediate world; the happy people ripple effect begins. We are kinder people when we are happy.

Now go get your hair done.

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