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The Dying Process

There is a great similarity in the dying process regardless of place or time of death. For five years I have been finding this parallel in the homes of families living in well-appointed mansions on the hill and in old cluttered campers by the river. What is the same is the way people lovingly touch each other, with such profound tenderness. Love is what survives any prognosis to the last breath; love is all that is left in the end. This is what I strive to photograph. My mission is to capture the unwavering expression of love that endures between people while living with terminal illness.

  1. Karen Sprague
    Karen SpragueAugust 3,12

    Mary: What you do for people is the amazing spirit of human kind. The way that you honor people in there most vulnerable time. Your gift is a blessing to everyone you touch.

    Thank you Mary

  2. Syreeta
    SyreetaDecember 11,12

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Syreeta

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