Ideal Type

Valerie was a feisty cocktail waitress at a honky-tonk; Bruce was a shy trucker who stopped in for a beer after a long haul. On the first evening she waited on him, he left her a $100 tip and a dinner invitation. She thanked him for the tip, but refused his company for dinner. “He wasn’t my type” Valerie said to me, “he was too nice.” Bruce was sweetly persistent; he regularly sent her flowers and kept up the big tips – on a weekly basis, for five long years. She finally said yes to a steak dinner. They married after six months of dating. Valerie regrets not having said yes to him sooner, “I had no idea he WAS my type.” Bruce was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and is now on hospice at the age of sixty. They had fifteen amazing years together – instead of twenty.

Examine what your “type” really is. Some hold out for an “ideal type”, someone with certain physical features, income or possessions. Maybe your type isn’t what you think it is. Your type may be hidden in a package that you would not expect.

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