Just Ask

Just Ask

Candace and I thought her husband Paul was in a deep coma like sleep as we started talking about how their lives evolved into a seventy year marriage. Candace casually mentioned Paul was a rifle team leader in the bloody WWII battle on the island of Iwo Jima. Paul suddenly woke from a twenty-eight hour sleep. He somehow found the strength to briefly pull himself onto his elbows and stream right into the conversation with some unresolved feelings about, “Losing all of my buddies within a couple of weeks.” He concluded with, “Up until then I fainted at the sight of blood, now it’s no big deal.” Exhausted, he collapsed back onto his bed and fell into a hard sleep, which lasted another thirty hours before his peaceful death.

I was in nursing mode at the start of this visit, I had an overwhelming day already and I didn’t feel like chatting about much more than what was medically necessary.  Then, the question, “Tell me how the two of you met” routinely came out of my mouth. I am so glad I asked because an amazing story unfolded.

Everybody I’ve met has a story to tell. Most keep their stories locked away in hidden places eager to be teased out. We typically don’t openly share our stories of courage, recklessness, ecstasy, and bigheartedness. Just ask. Be moved, entertained, delighted, and inspired. Go ahead, ask.

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