IMG 3586 Losses

Life is a Collection of Losses

Our lives can seem to be a collection of losses, big and small. We graduate from school, leave home, change jobs, parents divorce, relationships break up, our children leave the house, we lose social circles, pets die, friends move away, we age, and most lose physical strength and endurance. People die suddenly and for some, it takes years in anticipation.

Have you experienced any of these losses? Have you successfully coped? Could we all be walking around carrying heavy suitcases of unresolved grief without realizing it?

Grief comes and goes in waves, tsunami style at first (depending on the loss). Then grieving people can live their lives with difficulty concentrating, they feel sad, depressed, irritable, anxious, ambivalent, frustrated, and lack motivation and energy. These symptoms can resolve quickly and for some they never go away. Sound like anyone you know? These emotions can be well or partially hidden under the busyness of our lives.

How does (unresolved) grief show up for you? What do you with it?

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