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Life Review

There comes a time when the dying seem to have one foot uprooting in this world and the other firmly planted where they are headed next.  They are commonly in a dream state, briefly in and out of awareness of their surroundings. I’m convinced, that the dying review their lives carefully at this intriguing juncture.

Fond memories and passions are relived.  A prize-winning quilter slowly stitched invisible fabric in the air in front of her chest. A retired OBGYN carefully put on his gloves and positioned his hands to deliver a baby. A man who loved to fish cast his line carefully over and over.  An opera singer led her orchestra with graceful hand motions holding her baton with the tips of her delicate fingers

Essential time is also spent in memories to resolve old issues if any, to come to terms with life choices, or take care of unfinished business – here the dying can get restless and typically don’t want to be touched. It seems like offers for loving touch are rejected, sometimes with aggression.  Perhaps the dying simply don’t want to be interrupted while they are doing this important work of closure.

I have found myself witness to the dying voice giving and receiving love and forgiveness to what appears to be an empty room – here tears are finally shed and an incredible peace ensues. Most often it is in the stillness of resolve when the dying leave this world.

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