Love at First Sight

Sylvia’s right hand immediately went over her heart and the other over her mouth. She let out a loud gasp of recognition at the photograph of a handsome young man in uniform she saw hanging over the fireplace at her new girlfriend’s house.

At sixteen, Sylvia breathlessly squeaked out the words, “That’s my husband!”

Her new friend Barbara laughed and put both hands firmly on her shoulders, “You’re bonkers, don’t be silly, that’s my brother, his in the air force!” Sylvia became very serious and said with absolute certainty, “I’m going to marry him.” John was due home on his eighteenth birthday, August 16, 1948. Unfortunately for Sylvia, it was early February.

For the next six months, she fell deeply in love with her idea of who he was. She created their beautiful life together. She was positive that he would fall in love with her too.

The day finally came to meet John. She recognized him instantly as he stepped off the bus. Her heart leaped, her knees became weak. She opened her arms to receive his embrace, as she was certain he would recognize her as being his future wife. But John walked right passed her into his family’s arms. She ran on her tiptoes close behind him and quickly took his sister Barbara’s arm, eagerly waiting an introduction. It was quick and informal. John was more interested in getting a beer with his buddies.

Sylvia found herself in the background of wherever John was for the two weeks that he was home. She said, “He never saw me. He wanted nothing to do with me. I had to take action.” On John’s last day in town, Sylvia took a chance and nervously invited him for a picnic lunch by the lake. He reluctantly accepted. John fell in love with Sylvia by sunset. Sylvia and John have been married for sixty-four years.

Don’t wait to be noticed, take risks for love.

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