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Love, Play and be Happy

When people are facing death, their perspective on living shifts dramatically. So, I ask hospice patients to advise me on how best to live. Here is five years of advice summarized…

Don’t postpone happiness. Don’t wait until the timing is right, when the kids have left the nest, when you have enough money, or when you are caught up.  Live fully now while you are alive.  At ANY MINUTE your life could be stopped in it’s tracks by disease or disability – at any age, anywhere.

Stop watching TV and spend face to face time with the people you love.  Don’t assume they know how you feel. Leave your comfort zones and take risks for love. This is one of the significant regrets of the dying, that they can’t go back and create happy loving memories for the loved one’s they are leaving behind.

Get out of the house. Play, be curious, take walks, appreciate nature, travel. Dying people say that they always had a grand intention to play, but never found the time.

Not bad advice: love, play and be happy.

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