Making Memories

Making Memories

When I ask dying people what they would miss most about this life, I’m hearing about things like “belly laughs at the kitchen table, we laughed so hard we cried when Uncle Tom strolled into the kitchen with half his beard shaved off.” The kitchen seems to be the place were so many happy memories are made. “The best birthday cake mom ever made me was the one that sunk in the middle and we filled in the hole with plastic flowers.” I hear about many grand family gatherings to celebrate life. “We all sang Motown tunes during dinner around Aunt Mary’s kitchen table while she danced like nobody was watching, soon we were all jumping around the kitchen doing the twist.”

People share how they joyfully grew and maintained connection while playing cards and board games at grandmas, giving and receiving the best advice over tea, and “deep heart to heart conversations over sister’s secret recipe chocolate chip pecan cookies.”

These are clearly the most important memories worth making.

When I ask people (who are not on their death bed) about their priorities in life, they will usually speak of spending quality time with family, getting in better physical condition, traveling, writing that book, getting a better job, or saving money. When I ask them what they did after work the night before, I usually hear, “I watched TV for a couple of hours.” Their priority was clearly watching TV.

What fond memories are you making with your beloveds?

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