Mean Left Hooks From God

Mean Left Hooks

Alice smiled at me as I entered the dementia facility. She is a beautiful ninety-one year old resident who was looking rather content there in her wheelchair by the Christmas tree. Just after I walked passed her, she called to me with a classic “yoo-hoo” and eagerly waved her hand over her head to make sure she got my attention once I turned around.

I guessed she had something important to tell me so I made my way back to her. I squat down in front of her, balancing on my toes. I put one hand gently on her knee, smiled, and said hello.

Then, with that same smile on her face, she decked me. She had a mean left hook that landed square on my right cheek. I fell back onto my rear end, my legs went flying up in the air, and my shoes flew off. Of course I was wearing a knee length A-line skirt.

The ironic thing is that I workout with a boxing coach a couple times a week. I know how to avoid a punch! I didn’t see that one coming.

When things like this happen, I tend to wonder about the meaning such a gesture might offer. Did I receive this blow to wake up to something? If so, why did God forgo a gentle tap on my shoulder to get my attention? Or, did I simply just get too close to a lady with dementia that may have some anger issues?

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