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Parts are Parts

Parts are parts; they wear out. When parts wear out in your car, you have them replaced if you can. It’s the same with human bodies; we have knees and hips replaced, sometimes livers and kidneys. Despite organ transplantation, other people’s parts have a shelf life too (an extended warranty comes with good care).

When folks are dying of old age, it’s because their major organs have worn out, we call it “failure to thrive.” Surprising to most families, to die of old age doesn’t hurt in the end. The brilliant complex design of the human body will deliver the dying into a very deep sleep. Not everybody needs narcotics or sedatives at the end of life.

Most dying people experience a restlessness any of us would develop if we were laying in bed 24 hours a day unable to reposition ourselves if we felt like it. We will medicate for this.

Most people on hospice (regardless of cause of death) take their last breath the same way, peacefully in their sleep.  Hollywood portrays death in dramatic ways to sell movie tickets.

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