Reflections on a day in the life of a hospice nurse

Larry hadn't peed in 24 hours, he was very confused and tumors were compressing his urethra. He wasn't going to allow 'some young dame' to put a tube in his 'Winky'. He groaned, 'Get me a gopher hole'! He rolled his eyes when I handed him a urinal. His older brother of 85 told me that Larry was a late bloomer in the toilet training department. At two years old his father had the brilliant idea of taking him outside on a spring day and challenged him to aim his Winky at a gopher hole. If he filled it up with pee he got a treat. So, Larry peed in gopher holes that spring and summer. This memory was 80 years old and came back to him on this day as a solution to his urinary retention.

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