Shoveling Snow

Today while visiting John, who was dying from pancreatic cancer, I observed a very common contest of wills between siblings about destiny vs. coincidence. A very spirited debate emerged from idle chat about the snowy weather outside.

John’s sister Karen said matter-of-fact, “If I didn’t hurt my back shoveling snow three years ago, the doctors wouldn’t have found the tumor on my kidney when they x-rayed my spine. I had my kidney removed the very next day. The doctor said I would have died within six months if they didn’t catch it in time!”

John’s grumpy brother Dick chimed in sarcastically, “Did God make it snow and then guide you to the shovel so you’d would hurt your back so you would discover the tumor so you could get your kidney removed in time to spare your life?”

John’s other grumpy brother Dan added mockingly, “Or did her intuition make the shovel call to her?

With great effort John propped himself up on one elbow and shouted with ruthless certainty, “I think the driveway simply need shoveling!”

Are we guided to certain tasks so we will find looming tumors, or do chores just need to get done?


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