Simple Pain Management

Our culture tends to believe that pain is a natural part of the aging process. It’s true that older adults are more likely to experience pain, but it’s not true that pain is inevitable as we age. I spend my days with the over eighty crowd, not all are painful. A fair percentage of elderly experience pain related to wear and tear on joints and the common aches and pains of immobility. Often, over the counter pain medications ease such pains. For those who aren’t treated, their pain can take center stage. They don’t want to get out of bed or participate in personal care.

Think about the last time you were in pain; you broke your toe, hurt your back, or had a bad headache. You probably couldn’t think or deal with much else. Our pain can consume us. We can prefer to curl up in a ball in bed and insist on being left alone.

Just think of the elder who has, say, untreated chronic inflammation in their joints. Of course they aren’t going to want to grip a fork to eat or reach up to brush their teeth or wash their hair in the shower. They can be quite grumpy and perceived as resistant to care.

Sometimes with simple pain management, the elderly can regain their abilities for self care and get back to life. Wouldn’t it be grand to help some elders turn their life around with Tylenol!

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