Sisters Reunited

Dottie tenderly pat her sister’s hand and said with accomplishment, “We’ve been sisters for sixty-four years.”

Until four years ago, Dottie and Lollie never lived in the same house together. Lollie said with a sense of understanding, “Mother kept churning out kids and the last four just had to be shipped out.” Dottie grew up with her grandmother up north and Lollie was taken into foster care down south. Lollie said matter-of-factly, “Dottie got diagnosed with breast cancer and both our husbands died, so we decided we might as well move in together.” Dottie chimed in and giggled, “We’re doing all the things we didn’t get a chance to do when we were young girls. We eat popcorn and watch movies in our pajamas, we paint each other’s nails, talk about boys, and make blanket fortresses on the couch.”

It’s never too late to be the sister or brother you always wanted to have, or be. No blood relations required.

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