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Tears Have Wisdom

As a culture we have been trained to hold back our tears. A surprising number of people hide their vulnerability this way, and if a tear slips out, they immediately apologize for crying. Tears have a certain wisdom.

Tears that spill in response to emotional pain are very different in composition from tears that fall in relation to joy or peeling an onion. Tears of sadness contain the release of stress hormones and even natural pain killers. This may be why having a good cry, feels good.

I encourage all to not fight the urge to cry, it’s the body’s innate wisdom offering a healthy way to express emotion. Shedding tears openly also gives others permission to do the same. It’s also ok for hospice nurses to shed a tear or two as I did while photographing this beautiful family.

  1. Mary Landberg
    Mary LandbergApril 27,13

    Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

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