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True Loving Essence

Ellie could remember the dress she wore on her fifth wedding anniversary back in 1949, but she could never recall who I was each time I came to visit. Ellie was nearing the end stage of Alzheimer’s; she was losing weight, getting weaker and recently had to move from her family home into a locked dementia unit with 24 hour caregivers.

Twice a week I introduced myself as a nurse and took Ellie’s hand. Twice a week she expressed delight in meeting me. She silently held my gaze then teared up and told me how beautiful I was and that she loved me. There was always a baby doll on her lap; she always offered it to me to hold. I always did, it pleased Ellie.

Many of these special people appear to become egoless and say what they feel without social filters or political correctness. Some spend their days in unresolved issues or struggles that aren’t easy to identify from the outside looking in. Many with Alzheimer’s, including Ellie, lived in her true loving essence; sharing what is known to be true. In Ellie’s case, she saw beauty in the world around her.


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